Rainbrella – Repels Rain, Mud & Dust Immediately


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RainBrella is a treatment chemical made to repel mud, dirt, and rain from windshields. It’s marketed under the Rust-Oleum and Wipe New brand names. The ingredients used include inorganic acids, isopropyl alcohol, and methyl ethyl ketone. To apply it, simply wipe it on your vehicle’s windshield. It comes packaged in convenient pouches that contain two wipes.

Each box lasts only two uses. The instructions are to apply RainBrella, wait for about 5 minutes, wipe it off with a cloth, and wait for 10 minutes. This is to be repeated twice. As advertised, the product is supposed to last 100 washes.


Awesome, my windshield has never been so clear and the water just slides off without using the wipers
– Rehan

This stuff is awesome. Had enough product to do all the side windows and front window twice on my Swift. Rain beads off the windows going as slow as 10 mph. Will definitely buy again!
– Brijesh N.

This is great. As a person living in mountain area, we get occassional rain and this is helping me see through road without any issue. Thanks Trendy Insta.
– Mahesh R.

I was skeptical at first to buy this but decided to buy one anyway. I was surprised to see this working effectively and no rain drop staying on my windshield. Thanks Trendy Insta for fast delivery in 3 days.
– Tejas Kulkarni

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Rainbrella – Repels Rain, Mud & Dust Immediately


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