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Cut grass, small shrubs, thick bushes and dense weeds easier than before! Save time and energy with this new and high-powered grass cutter. This also leaves no mess behind!

This cutter makes sure you’re safe! The chain saw blade is placed between two places, which make sure it’s safe for carving, sculpting or cutting! With its anti-kickback action, you can easily cut in any direction.


  • Easy to use – works with any standard size zip tie
  • Lightweight extension pole for trimming hard-to-reach places
  • Protective Debris Shield provides extra safety plus transforms trimmer into a powerful edger.


☑All the RPM power of a traditional trimmer in the palm of your hand;
☑Easy to use – works with any standard size zip tie;
☑Lightweight extension pole for trimming hard-to-reach places;
☑Protective Debris Shield provides extra safety plus transforms trimmer into a powerful edger;
☑Aluminum tube length: 37cm (Elongation 60cm)
☑Green machine size 22*10cm
☑Cable tie length :10cm
☑Requires 6 AA batteries – Not Included
Product replacement/Return Policy: Please refer to the return policy. Incase any issue, you need to contact us within 48 hours.

【Pack includes】:

1* Zip Trim units, 1* extension poles, 1* debris shields & some zip ties

【User Manual】:

How to Use?
☛Attach 2 zip ties to zip trim.Slide the On/Off switch to the “On” position, and start trimming!
☛For hard to reach places, or to extend your reach,just screw on the extension pole and then slide to extend it to the exact reach you need.Extend up to 30″.
☛For added safety,or to use as a precision edger,just snap the debris shield onto that.

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If you are doing real brush clearing, feed plot clearing or anything where you are eating plastic swingy blades every 10min, this is worth your money.
– Ankush

I used this to cut buckbrush and small trees up to about 5″ in diameter. This is fantastic!
– Manik

Oh my goodness was I pleasantly surprised! It’s a monster that hacks through those alders like butter. I now cut them down so fast that I have to stop and take breaks to give my wife time to catch up with me as she’s pulling them out and adding them, to the brush pile. As the headline says, this thing is a BEAST!
– Mikesh

This blade is amazing! Also, if I’m gonna compare this to other grass cutter, this cutter has the best quality material.
– Tejas

Excellent product, It cuts through grass clean
– Shree

This is great. Very professional cutter!
– S. Khan

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