Get Instant Relief in Neck Pain – Neck Magnetic Belt for Men & Women

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IMMEDIATE And Natural Relief For Painful, Stiff Neck

Stiff necks are painful; they make you feel old & stressed and the constant distraction refuses to let you think about anything else. There are many reasons for pain, fatigue or stiffness in the neck;

  • Arthritis.
  • Spondylosis ( Cervical Disc Degeneration ).
  • osteoarthritis.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  • Congenital Torticollis ( Twisted Neck ).
  • Herniated Disc.
  • Tumours.
  • Head and Pack Bone Posture.

Whatever the reason, this self-heating tool to bring you relief. It naturally produces therapeutic heat to increase circulation which soothes and loosens up the vertebra. This ELIMINATES PAIN fast and gives you the freedom to move within just five minutes. Wearing it is so relaxing that you can’t imagine life without it.

Works better than I expected. I had whiplash 5 years ago and my neck needs support and warmth. This neck pad provides both and is easy to clean.”


  • Soothes achy muscles and joints. Zero discomforts in your neck will make you feel great, productive and young.
  • Self-heating tourmaline neck pad. Helps ease neck pain and numbness without the need for batteries or power outlets. 
  • Adjuvant therapy for several neck concerns. Provides relief from neck pain, neck cold, cervical spondylosis and so on. 

  • Boosts blood circulation. Removes blood stasis. 
  • A great aid for injury-prone people. Helps to heal sporting injuries.


Type: Neck Support Belt
Color: Black
Item Size: Approx. 48 * 9.6cm / 18.9 * 3.8in
Package Size: Approx. 10 * 8 * 2cm / 3.94 * 3.15 * 0.79in

Material: Cotton, ABS



Thanks to the seller for the promptness. Got the delivery fast. I recommend this product!
– Abdul


Nice belt for the neck. My doctor also recommended me this. It works good!
– Advait


Initially I thought that the product is not good. But today i was very sore neck and decided to use this product on the neck. Added a little water inside and it really started to burn a little (tolerable). I was surprised that this belt worked for me & fixed my neck pain. I am happy with this.
– Indrajeet


LOVE THEM! Works like an electric heating pad, amazing, It is durable too.
– Kalpit


I ordered this product for my parents. They really liked this and helped them with neck issues. My dad has cervical so he carries this belt wherever he goes. It’s portable unlike big collar belt. I will soon buy for my grand-parents too.
– Saachi


This is a great belt for neck pain. I sit on computer for very long so my neck gets tired and sore. I use this belt in office for 15 minutes and it relaxes my neck muscle. Recommended for people who sit on computer for very long. Or who have sitting jobs.
– Mujja


Received the product fast. Initially there was a smell (may be it was fresh product smell) but it got away after 2-3 days. Overall, I like this product.
– Sameera

Doctor recommended me to use these. Very nice belt.
– Krishi

As an engineer, I sit a lot in front of computer. This belt help my neck a lot.